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Medicaid is a jointly-funded, Federal-State health insurance program for certain low-income and needy people. It covers approximately 36 million individuals including children, the aged, blind, and/or disabled, and people who are eligible to receive federally assisted income maintenance payments.

Most of your health care costs are covered if you have Medicare and you qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid programs vary from state to state. You will need to contact the State medical assistance office to get information on the Medicaid program in your State. People with Medicaid may also get coverage for nursing home care and outpatient prescription drugs that are not covered by Medicare. For more information about Medicaid, call your State medical assistance office or visit www.cms.gov/home/medicaid.asp. You can find the phone number for your regional offices here.

You may also be interested in the Medicare Savings Programs. These are programs that help millions of people with Medicare save money each year. States have programs for people with limited income and resources that pay some or all of Medicare's premiums. Some programs may also pay Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. It's very important to call your State medical assistance office if you think you qualify for any of these Medicare Savings Programs, even if you aren't sure.