MVFCU uses a 12 digit configuration format for account transfers/deposits.  It is important that 12 digits (and 12 digits only) are entered when submitting your request, regardless of the number of spaces available.

The first two digits of the 12 will be the account ID.  The account ID information can be found on your monthly MVFCU statement or on MV Online for any active account you hold with MVFCU. This is a two digit number indicates where you want funds to go to or come from.  For example: 01-10 (loans), 12 (line of credit), 20 (money market), 30-64 (share certificates), 65 (IRA share savings), 66-76 (IRA share certificates), 77 (checking), 88 (Christmas club), or 99 (savings).  Your MVFCU account number will come at the end of the 12 digit format. The spaces between the account ID and your account number need to be filled in with zeros to make up the 12 digits.

Here is an example - 770000032451.  In this example, a person would expect a deposit to be made into their checking account (77) and their account number is 32451.

If you have questions on how to complete this information when requesting direct deposit, online bill payments, AHC, etc. please contact the Contact Center during regular business hours at (907) 745-4891, (907) 694-4891 or (808) 677-6206. You can also stop by one of our Community Offices where a member services representative can assist you.