Domestic (U.S.. destination) wires may take up to 72 hours to show available at the receiving financial institution. The receipt time is dependent upon the time the request was received, any weekend or holiday periods. Generally speaking, a domestic wire transfer once entered into the Fedline system gets to the other institution immediately. The delay is in how fast we can input it (verifying all the information including routing numbers and institution information), debit the account, and how fast the receiving institution will post it. Some financial institutions will hold incoming wires for 24 hours.

Foreign (non-U.S. destination) wire transfers, once transmitted outside the United States, are no longer under the jurisdiction of U.S.. banking laws. Accordingly, the credit union cannot assume liability or guarantee the timeliness or receipt by the foreign financial institution. Generally speaking, a foreign wire can take as long as a week to be posted in the other country.

MVFCU has cut off times for outgoing and incoming wire transfers. These cut off times gives our staff time to do all the verifying and input the wire transfers. Wire transfers are only sent (outgoing) and posted (incoming) Monday through Friday.

Domestic Wires

1:00 PM Alaska Time

Foreign Wires

11:00 AM Alaska Time

Incoming Wires

2:00 PM Alaska Time