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  • Enter a word, multiple words, phrases OR ask a question relating to the information you are looking for. 

  • Enter a phrase or multiple phrases using double quotes.  For example, searching for "wire transfer" "phone number" using "All words match" will find all items that have both the phrase "wire transfer" and the phrase "phone number" in them.  When double quotes are used, exact phrases are retrieved -- the system does not retrieve synonyms in this case.

  • Case is irrelevant, so there is no need to use upper and lower case. 
  • All forms of a word -- such as singular (dog), plural (dogs) and verb tense (dogged) -- are automatically retrieved, unless you select the match clause "exact phrase match". 

Search Using (also called a match clause):  Assume "wire transfer" (without quotes) is entered into the search text to find info on transferring funds using a wire transfer.  Using a match clause, the system will retrieve results as follows:

  • "Any words" match:  Will retrieve all items that include a form of the word "transfer" (transfers, transferred, transferring) OR a form of the word "wire" (wires, wired, wiring) anywhere in the item.

  • "All words" match: Will only retrieve items that contain "transfer," "transfers," "transferred" or "transferring" AND "wire," "wires," "wired" "wiring" anywhere in the item. This search is more selective and will return fewer items than the previous search.

  • "Exact phrase" match:  Most selective of all the searches since only items that include the exact phrase "wire transfer"  or "wire transfers" will be retrieved. 


  Refine Search Using Topics:

The info you are searching has been grouped into similar types of information called Topics. You can use topics to make searching for your answer easier by limiting your searches to only include the types of information relevant to your inquiry.

  • Select one or more topics by clicking the "Select Topics" link and checking each topic you want included in your search.

    • Use topics in conjunction with search text to further refine your search to only include items that contain your search terms and are found in the topic selected.

    • Use topics without search text to list all items included in a topic and its subtopics.  This is frequently a good method to find something when you are not exactly sure what you are looking for but know the general topic.