Coinstar machines in the US will take the following coin:

  • 1 Cent (except 1943 Steel and Indian head)
  • 5 Cent (all, including new design)
  • 10 Cent (except Silver 1964 and prior)
  • 25 Cent (except Silver 1964 and prior) (including State series)
  • 50 Cent (except Silver 1969 and prior)
  • 1 Dollar (Susan B Anthony, Sacagawea and newer Presidential series)(except Eisenhower dollars)

Coinstar machines are available at all Orange County's Credit Union branches except for the in-store location in Irvine.  The store in which the Irvine branch is located has its own Coinstar macine.  Vouchers attained from that machine would be redeemed directly with a grocery store clerk.

If you would like to process coins that are not on this list, you may be able to seek out a Coinstar Center on  These locations accept any quantity of unsorted coins in your local currency.  Coinstar’s patented technology allows its processors to filter out foreign coins and other debris.  However, these items may not be returned by the processors so it is a good idea to remove such items as Eisenhower silver dollars; 1943 steel pennies; foreign, damaged or sticky coins; pure silver coinage and other debris from your stored coins.