Effective January 2010 we began to upload electronic statements only for those Member's who are truly enrolled in the e-Statement service.  This is why you may have access to statements prior to January 2010, but not statements after January 2010. This was changed in an effort to better serve our true e-Statement Member. 

As a new enrollee, you will not see your most recent statement since you received a paper version of that document.  When the next statement cycle occurs, an e-statement will be created for you and you will not be mailed a paper statement.  You can then access that e-Statement in Online Banking on the 1st or 2nd day of the month.  If you are opted in to email marketing messages, you will also receive a notification when it is available.

If you need to review statements that are not displaying online, please refer to the paper versions that were mailed to you these months.  If you have misplaced the paper copies, we can order duplicates for you.  Please note that there is a $3 fee for a copy of a duplicate statement.  This fee is waived for Platinum members.  You may order a copy by sending us a message.  To send us a secure message, scroll up and click on the Ask a Question tab.