e-Notices are paperless versions of some notifications that would otherwise be mailed to you.  These include:

  • Certificate Maturity
  • Certificate Renewal
  • Overdraft Notice – Debit Card
  • Overdraft Notice – All other types
  • Loan Billing
  • Late Payment

We highly recommend enrollment, not only to conserve resources, but also because of the great convenience to you.  An overdraft notice for example, might arrive in your mail box four or five days after your account has become overdrawn - and you might not open your mail every single day.  By then, other items may have caused overdraft that you might not be aware of.  On the other hand, an e-Notice would be sent to you the day after you become overdrawn empowering you to take action to prevent further overdraft items.  If you are traveling you could receive the notice directly to your phone and/or email.  Also, unlike paper notices, they never run the risk of getting lost in the mail. 

System Requirements
You will need either Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 4+ Safari 5+ to serve as your browser. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher to view your statements. All of these programs may be downloaded free.

Unsubscribe from e-Notices
If you'd prefer to stop receiving e-Notices and return to traditional paper notifications, please login to Online Banking, click on Online Services, then Enter the e-Notices section.  You may then change your notification option back to paper.