Speedy Line 24-hour telephone service

Menus and Codes

To use the Speedy Line 24-hour telephone service,  call (360) 334-7972 or toll free 1-844-607-9718
     A computerized voice will answer and ask you to enter your account number followed by the # key.  Then enter your PIN followed by the # key.  (Use the entire SSN of the primary account owner as the PIN the first time you sign on. You will then be required to choose a new password between 6 and 10 digits long.)
     There are a variety of transactions which you can complete.  For most of these transactions, you will need to enter your account type (for example S1, S10, L3, or any specific sub-account).  You may wish to refer to your account statement to identify the sub-account number for which you would like information.  You may also enter 0# when prompted for account type to get a list of available account types.
     You can wait for the system to say all of the menu options, or press the desired option number to skip ahead without waiting for the system to finish speaking.
The following is a “short cut” menu for the Speedy Line system.
[1] Inquiries Menu
1.   Specific Account Information
2.   Account Balances
  1. Savings & Checking
  2. Loans
  3. Investments (Certificates)
  4. All Accounts
  1.  Cleared Checks, Deposits, and Withdrawals
  1. Cleared checks
  2. Deposits
  3. Withdrawals
  4. Specific check #
  5. All transactions
4.   Interest/Dividend Information
  1. This Year-to-date
  2. Last dividend posted
  3. Last Year-to-date
5.   Loan Inquiries
  1. Mortgage
  2. Visa
  3. Loan
  4. Loan payoff
6.   Payroll Information
7.   Loan Application Status
8.   Tax Information
  1. This Year
  2. Last Year
[2] Transfer Funds
  1. To another sub-account
  2. To another member
  3. From a joint account
  4. From a joint account to another joint account
[3] Loan Services
  1. Loan information
  2. Estimate a loan
  3. Apply by phone
  4. Check Application Status
[4] Other Services
  1. Change password
  2. Lost/stolen debit card
  3. Lost/stolen credit card
     Other Helpful Tips    
  • To return to a previous menu, press the asterisk (*) key.  From the main menu, the * key will end your call.
  • When entering a transaction, you will be asked to finish with the pound sign (#).
  • When entering a sub-account number, use the “7” key on the telephone to represent “S”, the “5” key to represent “L” and the “4” key to represent “I”.   So, for example, S1 would be entered as 71, S10 would be 710, L3 would be 53, Certificate (Investment) I1 would be 41.
  • Use the 0 key for the decimal in sub-accounts.  So, for example, S2.1 would be entered as 7201.
If you need more help, call us at  (360) 307-6400.