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Car travel tips:

  1. Use a map and highlight the routes you want to take before you start.

  2. Judge distances and driving times beforehand so you can avoid cities during high traffic peaks.

  3. Ask tourist offices for specific maps, scenic route suggestions, and current traffic delay information.

  4. Use small grocery bags with handles to hang in your car for your garbage.

  5. Freeze your small containers of juice or water to serve as additional freezer packs in your cooler. Helps to keep these drinks cold, too.

  6. Keep a damp cloth dipped in lemon water inside a plastic bag to wipe your hands while you're on the move and snacking in the car.  Another option is to keep a box of antibacterial wipes in the car for quick clean-ups.

Air travel tips:

  1. Don't accept the first price an airline ticket agent gives. Always ask if there are cheaper rates. 

  2. If you purchase an airline ticket and the price drops later, check Yapta.com to see if you can get a refund or travel voucher for the price difference.  Just type in your confirmation number and the price you paid for the ticket.  Yapta.com will track the fare for you for free!  If the price drops, you will get an email telling you how to claim your refund. 

  3. Airlines frequently overbook. If you volunteer to get bumped off a flight, the airlines may give you compensation such as a free ticket voucher or a discount off your next trip.

  4. Book your flight in advance or during airline sales. Try to travel during low season. If timing is not important, you can try last minute deals. Try these popular sites:

  5. Check for specially priced days or times. Sometimes if you travel at night or adjust your plans by one day, you may get a better fare.

  6. You enter the price you wish to pay for a given air route and in about an hour, if they find an airline to supply the ticket, you've bought it!

  7. Free section has good leads but the best information has a subscription fee.

  8. You can often get a bargain fare to a hub city based on the high volume. Each airline has one or more airports for its operations center, called hubs, and a large portion of an airline's flights will travel through this city anyway.

  9. ?Sign up for a frequent flyer program. They often have incentives for hotel and car rental discounts. Be sure to find a program that does not have an annual fee or service charge for using the card. Try Webflyer.com for more information on available programs.

Other Travel Tips:

  1. Use last-minute deal apps on your mobile device for flights and hotels.

  2. Bring a credit card for large purchases (set a budget beforehand), use traveler's checks, and only bring a small amount of cash. If you're robbed, notify the credit card company and replace your traveler's checks.

  3. Do not convert a lot of money before you leave. Exchange rates should be better once you arrive in the foreign country, but be sure to compare the rates and commission costs first. Remember that you are charged a fee every time you change money, so it's best to do it as few times as possible. Use your own discretion so you are not in trouble should the cash be lost or stolen.

  4. Banks and many exchange bureaus are closed on weekends, so plan ahead. Hotels or retail outlets may change your money but usually at a poor exchange rate.

  5. Keep your wallet or purse tightly shut and close to your body. A money belt is good for securing your cash and important documents such as your passport.

  6. Use your old film containers or prescription bottles to hold soap powder, safety pins, bobby pins, and other small items for travel.

  7. Shop where the locals shop. Tourist places tend to be overpriced.

  8. Barter if it is socially acceptable in that area.

  9. Take short day trips to save on accommodation charges.

  10. When traveling afar, ask to stay at a friend's house or try hostelling.

  11. When booking a hotel room, always ask for the least expensive room. They will always quote you a high price and usually will have something cheaper, if you ask. For budget accommodations, see:?