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For quick cost cutting on your cell phone bills, try this:

Check your minutes.  If you're paying for more minutes than you typically use, you're paying too much.  Of course, going over your allotted minutes can cost a lot.  Monitor your minutes for a couple of months, then make sure you pay for what you need.  You can always check your minutes online or with your phone between during the month, too.

Forget about the extras.  Is it really necessary to pay for special ringtones, games, videos, music, GPS, etc.?  You may think it's only a few bucks, but added up it can cost a lot.

Drop the insurance.  At under $10 per month for most phones, it can really add up over time.  So much so that you could probably buy a new phone with the amount you've paid in insurance.  If you think insurance is important, consider not only the monthly cost but also the deductible many carriers charge you before you get that "free" replacement phone.

Avoid directory assistance.  You often pay a dollar or more to find a number using 411 directory assistance from your cell phone.  Try calling Free411 at 1-800-Free411 or Google's service at 1-800-Goog-411 (which will even give you the option of having the number sent via text message to your phone!).

See about employee discounts.  Some employers offer discounts to staff on various cell phone plans. 

Look into membership discounts.  Do you belong to Costco, AAA, or other membership club?  See if you can save on cell phones and plans using your membership benefits. 

Consider a pre-paid phone.  Compare the rates on a pre-paid phone with a monthly plan to see whether the costs with a pre-paid phone based on your cell phone usage makes sense.