All PEBB medical plans except Premera Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F have "creditable" prescription-drug coverage.

That means it's as good or better than the standard Medicare prescription-drug coverage (Medicare Part D).

  • Your plan (on average) meets at least what the standard Medicare Part D plan will pay.
  • You can keep your PEBB coverage and not pay a late enrollment penalty if you decide to enroll in Medicare Part D later.
You don't have to enroll in Medicare Part D. If you do enroll, please note:
  • Employees: Your PEBB medical plan may not coordinate prescription-drug benefits with your Medicare Part D plan. 
  • Retirees: The only PEBB medical plan that coordinates benefits with Medicare Part D is Premera Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plan F. If you're enrolled in any other PEBB medical plan, you can't enroll in Medicare Part D and keep your PEBB coverage.
The PEBB Program doesn't offer Medicare Part D.
Note: If you enroll in Group Health’s consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) or Kaiser Permanente’s CDHP and cover either a spouse with end-stage renal disease (who has Medicare paying primary) or a state-registered domestic partner with Medicare paying primary, these two plans don't offer creditable prescription-drug coverage.