Retirees may defer enrollment in a PEBB retiree health plan if they are enrolled in other medical as described in WAC 182-12-205(2)(a) through (d).  

To defer health plan enrollment, the retiree must submit the Retiree Coverage Election/Change form to the PEBB program no later than 60 days after employer-paid coverage or COBRA coverage ends. The PEBB program will defer the coverage the first of the month following receipt of the form. Note: Retirees enrolling in PEBB employer-sponsored coverage are not required to submit a form.

Retirees who defer enrollment while enrolled in coverage described in WAC 182-12-205(2)(a) through (d) and lose such coverage must enroll in a PEBB retiree health plan as described in WAC 182-12-171 or WAC 182-12-180 or defer enrollment as described in WAC 182-12-200 or WAC 182-12-205