FUZE is a secure e-mail program and knowledge base system that contains common questions and answers related to PEBB benefits.
New users must register to use FUZE at: https://www.fuzeqna.com/perspay/membership/consumer/newuser.asp
-    Allows registered users to send the secure e-mail messages to ask a question or request   assistance on PEBB accounts.
-    Is secure so you can include SSN and other employee health account information in your e-mail.

Outreach & Training team 

-    FUZE is worked by assigned staff daily. 
If you are reading this Q&A, you are in FUZE. The FUZE knowledge base also provides common questions and answers about PEBB employee benefits.
The “My Info” tab allows you to maintain your FUZE contact and logon information, track questions waiting for a response, 
and the ability to archive previously answered questions for future reference.