Washington State law RCW 48.43.115(3)(f), known as the Erin Act, requires that health plan's that provide maternity benefits must provide comparable coverage, at no additional charge, for an insured mother’s newborn for up to three weeks (21 days) even if there are separate hospital admissions.

All PEBB plan's provide maternity benefits so these Erin Act benefits are automatically available for 21 days to the newborn children of females enrolled in PEBB medical insurance. Refer to each plans' Certificate of Coverage.
Newborn children of PEBB subscribers are also eligible for enrollment as dependent children retroactive to their date of birth. Enrollment guidance is available on the Perspay website under Add a Newborn or Adopted Child.
The employee or the new mother should contact their health plan directly to coordinate the access to covered medical services under the Erin Act for the newborn child.