RCU does not have an official relationship with third party aggregators. Certain versions of Mint, Quicken, and QuickBooks are able to use Express Web Connect, and link your software to your Redwood Credit Union account. Direct Connect is not supported.

RCU Online banking is always being reviewed and enhanced to improve the quality of service to the thousands of Members who use it every day. This sometimes results in changes that may inadvertently impact the ability of third-party aggregators to provide a reliable connection to their users. Redwood Credit Union Members are able to manually download their information directly from our Online banking, with the ability to select the correct format for your software. This includes Money OFX, Quicken QFX and QuickBooks QBO formats. On the Account Summary page in online banking, click on the "Options" link to view your download options. See screenshot below.

We recognize the value that personal finance management tools like Mint.com and Quicken have for our Members, and we are pursuing additional solutions to ensure all Members have access to the services they need.