There are a number of ways you can conduct your banking and remain within the limitations of Regulation D. Here are a few ideas:

  • If you have your RCU Savings or Money Market Account set up as the source of your overdraft protection for Checking, consider keeping more money in your RCU Checking Account, which will lead to fewer overdraft transfers. RCU offers Dividend Earning and High Balance Dividend Earning Checking Accounts which pay competitive dividends tiered by balance.
  • If you make frequent transfers from Savings or Money Market to Checking, consider making fewer transfers using larger dollar amounts.
  • You may enjoy unlimited (up to your credit limit) transfers from an RCU Overdraft Line of Credit which transfers funds to your Checking Account should the need arise. As with all of RCU’s Consumer Loans, our interest rates are competitive and you are only required to pay interest on the outstanding balance of your loan on days in which your loan has a balance.