To have your tax refund deposited directly into your RCU account, review the important information below.

  • RCU’s Routing/Transit Number is 321177586.
  • Provide your full RCU account number: Your checking account number has 14 digits; your savings account has 6 to 9 digits. Please DO NOT include the share type (i.e. 01 for savings; 10 for checking). Simply indicate “savings” or “checking” on your form.
    > What is my account number?
    You can also find your checking account number listed in the second string of numbers printed along the bottom of your checks.
    Check Image
  • Don’t forget about Form 8888, which lets you split your refund deposit into a maximum of 3 separate accounts.
  • The name on your account and the name on the direct deposit instructions must match exactly.