BALANCE Financial Fitness is a program paid for by Redwood Credit Union to provide our Members free access to tools and tips for better money management. Whether you're interested in creating a budget, developing a workable spending plan, getting out of debt, understanding and improving your credit report, buying a home, or planning for your financial future, Redwood Credit Union, and our trusted partner BALANCE, are here to help.

BALANCE is a confidential financial education and counseling service committed to helping individuals and families nationwide take control of their finances and reach their goals. On the BALANCE website, you’ll find information about what they do, who they are and how they can help you master your money. To speak with a BALANCE representative call 1 (888) 456-2227, toll free.

There are many things in life that can derail even the best money management plans, such as unexpected car or home repairs, illness, or job loss. When in crisis mode, most people just take things day by day, hoping to get by. When the dust settles, they are often left with a financial situation that is less than rosy. There are no savings to speak of. Their credit is shot. There is debt that needs to be paid. However, with hard work and dedication, a healthy financial future is possible.

This 5-page program - with an optional quiz to ensure understanding - covers the steps you can take to rebuild after a financial crisis, including:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt Repayment
  • Rebuilding Credit
  • Emergency Savings
  • Replenishing Retirement Savings

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