RCU Auto Services

  • Access to multiple vehicle brands and dealerships in one place
  • We do all the work to find the exact auto, options and color you want
  • Work with one advisor from initial contact through the time you drive off in your vehicle
  • Visit RCU Auto Services or call us at (707) 576-5080

Dealership Partners

  • Dealers are part of our Preferred Dealer Program, which is monitored by RCU staff
  • Test drive various vehicles to assist in making an educated choice
  • Certification of vehicles is available in some situations
  • Negotiate your final sales price directly with the dealership

Search for an Auto

  • RCU Auto Services helps connect you to local dealerships’ fleet departments and private sellers
  • Easily search local inventory in one place to find the right vehicle at the right price for you
  • Start negotiating online, or submit a request for more information

Private Party

  • Seller can provide maintenance records, if they’ve been saved
  • Vehicles do not require a safety inspection before sale
  • The sales price can be lower due to the risk the buyer assumes

RCU Lot Sale

  • Wide variety of used vehicles to view, drive and select from
  • Event held once a year
  • Redwood Credit Union financing available

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