Online banking Alert I want isn't available in RCU Online?

What if the RCU Online banking Alert I want isn't available in RCU Online?

Create it!

You have the option to create alerts that we don't currently have and specify how you would like to receive it and how often. Follow the step description below!

Go to the "Alerts" menu and click on "add"

Alerts Menu

Choose the type of alert you'd like to set up from the following options:

  • Balance
  • Transaction
  • Account
  • Sign In
  • Message
Alert type

This screen will allow you to set up the alert. Fill out all the information. Make sure the criteria content matches the transaction language on your statements.

Alert criteria

Test your alert to make sure it's working. Use the link "Test this criteria" on the far right of the criteria section.

Test link

The next page will show the results of the test. If you don't see any transactions, make sure the criteria is correct and that you have this type of transaction in your statement history.

test results

For more information on RCU Online Banking Alerts please view the following articles:

If we can assist in any way, please contact our Member Service Center at 800-479-7928, or come visit us at any branch location.