To set up a recurring transfer between your accounts sign on to Online Banking. Under the top navigation go to Transfers & Payments, select "Transfers".

Note: If you are looking to transfer money from an RCU Account to another person at a different financial institution please review our RCUpay, Bill Pay and Wire Transfer options.

Transfers Navigation Menu

Within the transfer page please choose the account the money is coming out of and choose the receiving account.

Transfer Money Between Accounts Step 1

Next add the transfer amount and choose a time. You have multiple schedule options to choose from under At This Time including Right Now, On This Date and On this Schedule (see image below). The On this Schedule option allows you to schedule recurring transfers including weekly and monthly.

Image of drop down under At this time sectionSave

Once you have decided on your schedule, choose a start date and you have the option of choosing an end date. Click "Next" to continue.

Choose date of transfer.

Please make sure all information is correct and once you are ready click "Confirm Transfer".

Image of Step 2 of Transfer - Comfirm Transfer

The confirmation page will now display with all of your schedule information (see example below).

Transfer Schedule Complete page

Review Scheduled Transfers

To view or edit scheduled transfers go to the "Transfers" page. The scheduled transfers display on the top left corner (see image below). Click on the link to view all currently scheduled transfers.

Show Currently Scheduled Transfers Image

You can edit your transfers on the Currently Scheduled Transfers summary page.

Currently Scheduled Transfers page

With This Schedule: Right Now

If you have scheduled your transfer for Right Now it will deduct that amount from your account. Your transfer transaction will display within your account summary (see example below).

Transaction History - Account Summary