Redwood Credit Union does not issue traveler’s checks due to low demand and the wide availability of more convenient and secure payment options.

Your RCU credit and debit cards are your best choice for access to funds while traveling, providing the following benefits:

  • Credit and debit cards are much more widely accepted than traveler’s checks.
  • Convenient access to cash at 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, including ATMs in Costco and 7-Eleven stores, and at other participating credit unions.
  • ATM rebate program, allowing RCU Members to get cash at any ATM in the U.S. and we’ll reimburse up to 2 bank or other ATM fees per month if you have RCU checking, and up to 4 per month if you have RCU checking and an active loan or credit card with us.*
  • Superior exchange rate compared to traveler’s checks when traveling overseas.
  • NO foreign currency conversion fee. Visit our Visa page for more information.
  • Chip technology, providing an added layer of security and protection from fraud when used at a chip-enabled terminal.

Visit our credit and debit card page for additional information, or to apply for a card.

* Active loan or credit card = at least 1 transaction or payment in prior month. Casino/gambling locations and ATMs outside U.S. excluded.