To view your deposit history, click on the name of the account you wish to view. Next, in the search box above, type "deposit" and click 'Search'. All your deposits for the selected account will be displayed below. Your current activity/current holds and balance information will also be displayed on the Account Summary/Account Detail.

Account Summary Current Activity Holds

How do I search for a specific transaction in RCU Online banking?

RCU Online banking has natural language search capability. This means that you can search for transactions of a certain amount, at a particular merchant, or search terms. For example, you can type in Costco, 50 dollars, under 10, over 100, etc, and any transaction that meets said criteria will be displayed.

Search Transactions in Online Banking

The advanced search option allows you to filter your search. Select the Advanced Search link next to the search box.

Advanced Search options in Search Transactions

There are many options to choose from to filter your search:

  • Choose the type of transactions including checks, deposits and withdrawals
  • Choose what account to search in
  • Add keywords
  • Add a date range
  • Add an amount  
  • Filter by transaction category
  • Filter by card number

Advanced Transaction Search

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