Internet Explorer, as with other browsers, has a number of security and privacy settings which can be easily changed.

In order to take full advantage of RCU Online, including services such as Bill Pay, we recommend you do the following:

Click on Tools --> Internet Options.

Under the Privacy tab, check your settings. If your setting for the Internet Zone is currently set to 'Block All Cookies' or "High," we recommend changing the cookie settings under the highlighted Advanced button. 

In order to accept the cookies from Bill Pay, we recommend selecting First and Third Party cookies, and then selecting the checkbox to allow for session cookies. 

Session cookies are designed to only exist on your computer while you are visiting the site, and then expire when you leave. 

You can also allow cookies from specific websites. To do this, click on 'Sites' and type in the name of the site you wish to allow (The website you will need to add to help Billpay work is ), then click 'Allow':

Adding PSCU to trusted sites

After adding to your list of trusted sites your billpay should work without issue.