The process of adding a website to your browser's "trusted" list depends on which browser you're using. By adding RCU to your trusted websites you will not need to accept third-party cookies to access RCU online banking, and all of its features.

In Internet Explorer

Click on Tools --> Internet Options and then the Security tab. From there, select Trusted Sites and click on the 'Sites' button to add to the list.

Trusted sites in Internet Explorer

In Firefox

Click on Tools --> Options and then the Privacy tab. From there, you may customize your privacy settings. To accept cookies from a specific site, click on the 'Exceptions' button and add the site there.


Adding a trusted site in Firefox

In Chrome

Click on Tools --> Settings --> Show advanced settings (at the bottom of the page) and then Content settings under Privacy.

From there, click on Manage exceptions and enter a site's address (e.g. under Hostname pattern and set Behavior to Allow.

Trusted sites in Chrome