Like all web browsers, Google Chrome uses a web cache and cookies to store information about your browsing habits to make a better online experience for you. Sometimes this information can create issues with trying to log into RCU online banking. To correct any issues that may result from this, please follow the steps below:

1. Click the Chrome menu (it looks like 3 vertical dots) on the browser toolbar, then select Settings

2. A new tab will appear on your screen.  In the search bar at the top, please type in Content Settings.

3. This will bring up the Privacy and Security options. In this area, please ensure that the "Do Not Track" setting is off as shown in the picture below. Then click on the arrow in the Content Settings area. 

4. Turn on Allow sites to save and read cookie data, and turn off Block third-party cookies, as shown in the picture below

5. To have these changes take effect, please close out Google Chrome entirely and restart your browser. Your settings should now be compatible with RCU online banking. If you are having issues still, please see other AskRCU articles for more assistance, visit a nearby branch, or contact our Member Service Center at 800-479-7928.