Pop-up Blocker

If a Pop-up blocker is engaged, you may still be able to login to RCU Online banking, but some of the features such as Bill Pay will not be available. To fix this issue, please follow the directions below:

 Firefox Options Menu

  1. Go to the top of the page and click on the ‘Menu’ and once the drop down appears, please click on ‘options’

 Firefox Content Options Pop-ups

  1. Once the Options window opens, please choose the ‘Content’ selection at the top of the screen. Once that option is chosen, you can uncheck the ‘Block pop-up windows’ which will allow for one to see RCU Bill Pay and other applications.
  2. After the pop-up blocker has been disabled, select the Privacy option. Under the History section, choose the dropdown option to Use Custom Setting for history. Make sure that the Accept cookies from sites is checked, and that Accept third-party cookies is set to Always.

Firefox Privacy Cookie Settings

If adjusting these options does not fix the particular issue, please contact our Member Service Center at (800) 479-7928.