Overdraft Pay Advantage

Based on your relationship with RCU, our Overdraft Pay Advantage program may cover your checks, automatic bill payments (including automated and recurring debit transactions) and, if you choose, everyday debit card transactions.

If your account is not in good standing or you have not made regular deposits to this account, we typically would not pay your overdraft.

We will generally pay overdrafts up to the limit disclosed to you in online banking as long as you are in good standing, which means your account

  • is not continuously negative more than 20 days,
  • does not have a delinquent loan for 10 days, and
  • you make regular deposits consistent with your past practices.

When you use Overdraft Pay Advantage, you will be charged a $23 insufficient funds (NSF) fee.

We provide this service in anticipation that you will make a deposit immediately to bring your account to a positive balance including paying any applicable fees, no later than within 20 days. RCU offers Overdraft Pay Advantage as a Member service and is under no obligation to pay items when your account has insufficient funds, even if previous overdraft transactions have been paid by us. If you would like to change your status please login to online banking and click on the Overdraft Pay Advantage link under Member Services, or call our Member Service Center at 1 (800) 479-4928 or go into a branch.

Recurring overdrafts can be costly, and RCU offers other more affordable methods to handle overdrafts that may better meet your needs, including a line of credit or account transfers. If you would like help in avoiding overdrafts, as a service to Members, RCU offers free, confidential budgeting and money management review through our partners at BALANCE Financial Fitness. To learn more, call BALANCE at 1 (888) 456-2227.