In order to best serve our Members, we want to provide an accurate way to stay informed of your account activity. Account Alerts are a great way to stay informed about your account.

Signature Based Transactions Alert

Select the "Add" link from the Alerts dropdown menu. Then choose the Transaction as the type of Alert you wish to add. (If you wish to set up your mobile phone to receive a text message Alert, choose the related article at the bottom for instructions)

Alerts > Add Menu Example

Setup a new Alert - Transaction

Setting up a transaction Alert can keep you notified of card activity that does not require the use of your pin. Choose an appropriate name for this alert, so that it can be easily identified when you receive it.

Input "Card Withdrawal" as the search Criteria, as this will search for signature based transactions on your debit card. Choose the Checking share that is associated with your debit card that you would like to receive the Alert on. (Only one Share per Alert). Choose the delivery timing that you would like to receive these alerts with. All Day will alert you within 30 minutes, while Daily Summaries will provide a list of transactions the following morning.

Add Transaction Alert

If your debit card is used as a signature based transaction or even if a pre-authorization is attempted, this Alert will notify you of this activity.

If we can assist in any way, please contact our Member Service Center at 800-479-7928, or come visit us at any branch location.

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