When transactions post through Online Banking you may have noticed that there are categories assigned to them next to the merchant logo. Our Online Banking uses categories in case you ever want to separate or track your transactions.

The categories listed below will show a summary of how many transactions are appropriate to each different category, as well as if a budget has been set for that category. For instance, you can set a budget for a certain amount to spend in a store, and you are able to track that spending through this system.


On the left side of the screen you can select the EDIT link, which will allow you to set the budget and choose the rules for the category. 


The entire category can be modified to your choosing to include any keywords that you would like. The category can be changed to an Expense or Income depending on how you would like to track it. 

The budget is a great way to limit yourself on certain purchases such as coffee or certain restaurants, but the proper keyword needs to be listed here exactly as it would be listed in your Online Banking. 

For example, here is a charge posting through Online Banking from Taco Bell. 

The keyword in the category that is listed is pulling anything with the word taco, so it automatically pulled the charge into the Dining Out category. Be careful though, the keyword will pull in any transaction that has the keyword in the title. If another restaurant or establishment had taco in the title, then it would be placed into the category potentially throwing off any budget that has been set. 

In order to only pull in the exact name of the restaurant you would like, please include the full title of the merchant name.

By placing Taco_Bell and separating the keyword with a comma, you can then enter another keyword into the field. This will make sure that only items that match the specific spelling are included into the categories. 

The Auto Categorize function will match all transactions with the category rules, but please take caution in performing this action as it cannot be undone. 

We invite you to visit the Categories section within your Online Banking by clicking HERE. This link will take you directly to the Categories section, and then they can be tailored to your preferences.