Mobile Application troubleshooting.

Redwood Credit Union is proud to bring you our Mobile Application, but some settings and conditions on devices can sometimes yield unexpected results. We wanted to share a few troubleshooting tips for our Mobile Application, as we hope that they resolve any issue that may arise.

User Name and Password

The first thing to know is that the Mobile Application pulls the login information from your Online Banking, so the Username and Password must already be established in order to sign in our Mobile Application.

Mobile Deposit Captures Access

The Mobile Application does require access to your photos when making mobile deposits. When using the Mobile Deposit Captures service, it takes a picture of the deposit to be sent to our servers. In order to store the 2 pictures that are taken, it needs to hold them temporarily in your photos folder. We do not actually save the photo of the deposit to your device. If the application does not have access to your photos, the application may shut down after the first picture is taken. If the application closes unexpectedly, we recommend checking the permissions to your photos folder.

Phone Photo Storage

Along with having access to temporarily store the photos on your smart device, your device must also have enough room to store those photos. Depending on the amount of media that is already being used on the device, it may not have room to store these 2 pictures for the Mobile Deposit Capture to complete. We recommend checking the amount of storage available on your device, and make sure that it is not close to the storage capacity.

Signal Strength | Wi-Fi

Another factor for our Mobile Application is signal strength. Signal strength plays a huge part of accessing our Mobile Application, and especially with our Mobile Deposit Capture service. The file size for the deposit pictures are intended to be smaller, but two pictures being sent at the same time to our servers can take longer on minimal signal strength. Being connected to Wi-Fi is a great idea, but we do recommend looking at the signal strength indicator. If the application closes at any point after an option has been selected or during the Mobile Deposits Capture process, we do recommend checking the signal strength that is currently available to the device. If a Wi-Fi signal is low, your cellular data may have a stronger signal. (Normal cellular data rates apply, please check with your carrier before using.)

Clear Check Images - MICR line

There are also instances where after the deposit has been completed, we will reverse out the deposit as we were unable to clearly see the image of the check. The MICR line which is on the bottom of every check must be able to be clearly seen in order to process the deposit. The two most common occurrences are when the image of the check did not focus correctly, or the MICR line on the bottom has been altered in some way. When signing a check, some signatures may cross over into the MICR line altering the way the numbers look and as a result we would be unable to collect on the deposit. We recommend double checking the signature to make sure it has not interfered with any of the numbers on the bottom, and that the picture of the check clearly shows all of the deposit information.

Single Color Surface for Photos

When taking a picture of the deposit, we highly recommend a single color surface. Technology has certainly progressed to be able to detect multiple faces and objects in pictures, but having a busy or patterned background may confuse the camera when taking the image.

We are continuing to update our Mobile Application with more services and features, as we want to bring as many services as we can to the palm of your hand. If there is an issue that is being experienced that is not covered in this article, please let us know. After all, we as Members run into similar issues.