How do I transfer my Health Savings Account (HSA) from my Current Institution to Redwood Credit Union? (This is a non-reportable transaction to the IRS)

You may come into any one of our Redwood Credit Union branches and meet with a Member Service Representative (MSR) for them to complete our HSA Direct Transfer Instructions Form #2625H to request the funds from the other Institution to come to Redwood Credit Union.

In order for Redwood Credit Union to process your HSA Transfer Request, we require the following:

  • HSA account number at Current Institution
  • Mailing Address at Current Institution
  • HSA Owner Name and Social Security Number
  • Provide RCU with a Copy of HSA statement at your Current Institution
  • HSA Owner Must sign the transfer request

What if I’m not able to come into a branch to sign the forms?
You may print the forms from our Web Site ( Go to the top of our web page and put your curser over “About RCU”, then go to “Member Services and Contacts”, right under this click on “Forms and Applications”. You will scroll down to Health Savings Account (HSAs) forms.

What forms must I complete and mail into RCU?

  • HSA Application – Only complete if this is a New HSA
  • HSA Direct Transfer Instruction Form #2625H
  • Copy of most recent statement at Current Institution

Mail the above completed forms to the following address:
Redwood Credit Union
Attn: HSA Department
PO Box 6104
Santa Rosa, CA 95406

What if I do not have an HSA with Redwood Credit Union?
The Member Service Representative (MSR) will complete and have you sign a HSA Application at the same time you are having Redwood Credit Union request the funds for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Investment Services at 707-576-5040

Note: You must be a Member with Redwood Credit Union in order to establish a Health Savings Account.