ATM preferences allow you to pre-select your preferred transaction language, customize your “My Fast Cash” option, and select whether or not you want receipts with your transactions. By setting your preferences, your future ATM transactions will skip these questions so that you can get your cash more quickly and go!

You can set your ATM preferences at any RCU ATM. If you are setting preferences for the first time, the easy-to-follow screens will prompt you through the entire process, but here’s what to expect:

  1. Insert your card and enter your PIN as you normally would.

  2. Select your preferred language.

  3. The screen will prompt, “Do you want to enter ATM preferences?”

    1. “Yes” guides you through the preference selection process.

    2. “No” exits the preferences screen and prompts you to proceed with your transaction as usual. The next time you use an RCU ATM, you will be asked again if you want to enter preferences.

    3. “Never Set Preferences” exits the preferences screen and you will not be asked to set preferences at future ATM transactions. You can change your ATM preferences at any time using the “ATM Preferences” option from the ATM’s main menu.

  4. If you select “Yes” to set your preferences, the ATM will prompt you to select from the following preferences:

    1. Language – Select English or EspaƱol as your default language.

    2. Fast Cash Amount – Select a custom amount to dispense for “fast cash” (must be in multiples of $5). This will show in future transactions as “My Fast Cash” – when you use this option, the machine will dispense your fast cash amount from your checking account and complete your session.

    3. Receipt Preferences – Select a transaction type, then choose whether to always print a receipt, never print a receipt, or always ask if you want a receipt. You can make a selection for each of these transaction types “My Fast Cash,” “Fast Cash and Withdrawals,” and “Deposits and Transfers.”

  5. Your selected preferences will appear next to the selection buttons. Verify that they are all correct and press Save Preferences.

  6. You can change your ATM preferences at any time by selecting the "ATM Preferences" option on the ATM's main menu and follow the prompts.

Please note: preferences you set will only apply on RCU-owned ATMs and will not occur on fee-free CO-OP network ATMs or out-of-network ATMs.