Mobile Improvements Are Here!

We’ve updated our app to make your RCU mobile banking experience even better! Some key feature updates are listed below.

  1. The application now launches straight to a newly designed sign in page.
    Mobile Sign In Page
  2. We’ve introduced an easier to use slide out menu, improving accessibility.
    Mobile Slide Out Menu
  3. Signing in takes you directly to the Account Summary page.
    Mobile Account Summary
  4. The new slide out menu is also expandable, allowing us to group related items concisely. 
    Mobile Expandable Slide Out Menu
  5. Loan Payments is now its own menu option and is easier to find.
    Mobile Loan Payments
  6. Selection of accounts throughout the application have also been improved. The last four numbers of the account and the account balance will now be displayed in all selection lists.
    Mobile Selection of Accounts

We are continuing to update our mobile application with more services and features, as we want to bring as many services as we can to the palm of your hand. Visit our mobile page for more information on the app, including frequently asked questions.

RCU mobile banking is available as a downloaded app or through your device's browser.

You can also access RCU mobile banking via the mobile web at