Beginning in January 2017, we are going digital with the Redwood Review newsletter, and discontinuing the printed paper version. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Why is the Redwood Review newsletter going paperless?

  • Member surveys have shown decreased readership of the Redwood Review over the past several years.

  • Many Members have expressed a preference to receive their RCU news electronically. Consumer behavior has changed rapidly with technology over the past few years when it comes to getting news and information, so we want to meet our Members’ changing needs.

  • RCU is committed to being a green organization, and going paperless reduces paper usage and waste in alignment with our commitment to the environment.

  • As a financial cooperative, the money we save on printing and postage means we can return even more value back to our Members in other ways (better rates, fewer fees, and added services).

How do I access the digital Redwood Review?

  • Members with valid email addresses on file will receive a quarterly email version of the Redwood Review beginning in January 2017. If you do not currently have your email address on file with us, you can add it in online banking under the Profile & Security menu.

  • Members who are signed up for eStatements will have a link to the digital Redwood Review on their eStatement page. (If you are not signed up for eStatements, it’s a more secure – and greener – way to receive your RCU statements – here’s how to sign up!)

  • All Members will be able to access the Redwood Review (along with other timely RCU news and updates) by visiting our website.

What if I don’t have a computer?

  • Rest assured, announcements such as the Annual Meeting and other important information we are required to provide Members will still be delivered through inserts in your paper statements.

  • Most local libraries, and some senior and community centers, offer public computer access if you wish to read the Redwood Review and other RCU news and updates online.

What about the Member contest to win $100?

  • For now, the Member contest will continue to appear on an insert with printed statements and eStatements. Two random Member numbers will be printed on the insert. If you see your own number, you win $100. If you are a winner, please call us at 1 (800) 479-7928, ext. 65276.

  • We regularly offer other promotional contests for our Members and we frequently hold contests on our Facebook page where we give away tickets to local events such as concerts and fairs, and other prizes. These have been very successful, and we’ve gotten positive response from Members. We’ll also be holding Facebook contests during the 3rd week of October in celebration of ICU Day.