Your FICO® Score will be viewable in RCU online banking or the RCU mobile app, if you have the following:

  • At least one current home and/or consumer loan (such as a personal credit card or non-commercial vehicle loan) reflecting current credit data reporting through FICO® sufficient to generate a FICO® Score*.
  • A valid RCU online banking login registered to your own social security number as associated with the above loan(s).
  • A valid FICO® Score greater than zero (0) reporting within the most recent calendar quarter.

*To receive a visible FICO® Score greater than zero (0), credit history should generally:

  • Contain at least one undisputed account older than six months.
  • Contain at least one undisputed account updated within the past six months.
  • Not contain a deceased indicator on the credit report.

If an individual’s FICO® Score is not greater than zero (0), they will not be able to view the FICO® Score through RCU’s online banking or the mobile app. Individuals who are new to credit, or in some cases, individuals who have decided to re-establish credit after not having an active FICO® Score for some years, may not be able to see a score due to not having a score greater than 0.

Some other potential reasons why an RCU Member may not see a FICO® Score in RCU’s online banking or the mobile app are:

  • Member’s loan activity with RCU is limited to business, Trust, estate or other ineligible loan types.
  • Consumer and/or home loan reporting to FICO® is in an ineligible delinquent status.   

Remember, if you use your RCU credit card for purchases or transfers and pay it in full before the end of a credit reporting cycle, you may not be impacting your credit score at all since all activity has taken place prior to FICO® receiving the activity or history following a reporting cycle. This practice is particularly important to avoid for those new to credit who are working to establish and/or increase their FICO® Score.

If you are new to credit, it may take several months before you receive a visible FICO® Score, as your oldest account becomes at least six months old.  If you haven’t had active credit for some years, your score is unable to be generated for FICO® credit scoring display until you have recent undisputed activity, usually after 6 months of activity. Note that RCU online banking and mobile app is displaying FICO® Scores based on FICO® Score reporting data which is updated quarterly.

If you believe you meet the above criteria but are still unable to view your FICO® Score in online banking or the mobile app, please contact us.