Your chosen security word can be found under RCUpay history within the mobile app.

Log into RCU’s mobile app and choose RCUPay History.

RCUpay P2P mobile menu

The security word is displayed in the details of each transaction. Please confirm the email address or cell phone number you use to send. Make sure the Receiver knows their routing number and account number when they claim the funds. You don't need their account info, but they will. RCU Members can claim money instantly with your account information. We recommend using RCUpay for sending money to people you know and trust, like friends and family.

RCUpay History Page - Security Word location

The RCUpay transaction history will include the security word as well as the status:

  • Claimed – Receiver has entered the security word and financial intuition information to claim the funds.
  • Pending - Funds have been debited from the Sender account and are waiting to be picked up by the Receiver.
    Note: You can resend the RCUpay texts by selecting "Resend text" located under the status. If you send an email, the selection will be "Resend email". You will not be able to resend RCUpays that have been claimed or canceled.  
  • Canceled - The Sender has stopped the transaction.
  • Expired – The Receiver has not entered the security word and financial information to claim the funds within 10 calendar days.

Claim funds within 10 calendar days:

  • If the money has not been claimed by the recipient after 10 days it will be returned to the Sender.
  • Please make sure your email address is current. Email communications about the status of the RCUpay payment are sent until the funds have been claimed. If you need to update your email address go to Profile & Settings and update your profile Contact Info.

IMPORTANT: If the Recipient doesn’t pick up their funds within 10 calendar days, the transaction will be canceled and the funds will be deposited back into the Senders account