To make a payment select Transfers & Payments and choose Payments from the menu in online banking.

Step 1 of Payments:

  • Select the loan you want to pay
  • Select Debit Card Payment/Visa Checkout from the drop down
  • Click on the Visa Checkout logo image tab

Payments page with Visa Checkout

You will be prompted to enter your Visa Checkout user name and password.

Click "Sign in to Visa Checkout". If you do not have a Visa checkout account you can create one.

Welcome back to Visa Checkout

Your digital wallet will appear and you can select the card you wish to use and  click “Continue”. This will populate the card information into RCU’s payment page.

Card Details - Choose your card.

Fill out payment information and click “Next”. The card image will be displayed and references the last 4 digits of the card number.

Payments page with Visa Checkout selected.

Step 2 of Payments:

Review the information and click “Confirm Payment” to process the payment.

Step 3 of Payments:

The payment is complete and you can print the receipt.