When your computer is automatically filling in your username, password, or other fields, you may need to update these settings or delete the information that it is filling in entirely for various reasons. To delete the autofill information, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Select the Safari menu, then choose PreferencesYou can also use the keyboard shortcut which is  COMMAND + , (comma) as seen in the picture below.

2. Now that Preferences is open, please click on the Autofill icon, which shows a picture of pencil writing in a box (in older versions, this may be a picture of a pen, pencil, or key).

3. To the right of Usernames and passwords section, please select Edit.*

4. This will prompt you to enter your user password (for your computer). 

5. In the next screen, type in "redwoodcu.org" into the search box on the left (highlighted in red). This will bring up a list of all of RCU's websites that have autofill data saved. Please select all items listed for redwoodcu.org, and click on Remove (highlighted in orange).


6. Once this has been done, please close out the Preferences menu by clicking the red bubble in the upper left. 

7. Next, you must quite Safari entirely for the changes to take effect. To do this, please select the Safari menu in the upper right of your screen, and click on QuitYou can also use the keyboard command COMMAND + Q to do this. 

8. When you restart Safari, the changes will be in effect, and you should have no issues logging in and accessing your online banking. 

*If this box is unchecked, or after following these steps the data is still autofilling, you may need to restart your computer or ensire that you are not using a 3rd party password or autofill program.

If you still continue to experience difficulty or have any other questions, please contact our Member Service Center at 800-479-7928.