There will be a minor Bill Pay upgrade that centers around:

  1. eBill activation prompt
  2. The “eBill” link is now called “Quick eBill Activation".
  3. Location change for Payee removal link
  4. Browser update

1. eBill Activiation Prompt

When you log into Bill Pay you will receive a prompt if you have Payees with eligible eBills. Your choices are:

  • Sign up for the eBills by following the prompt
  • Continue to the Payment Center and see the prompt at a later time
  • Or request to not see the prompt again by marking the box in the lower left corner that states “Don’t show this again”

eBill Prompt Screen Shot

2. The "eBill" link is now called“Quick eBill Activation".

Quick eBill Activation link example

3. The Payee “Remove link” location changed. It is now under the Payee icon.

Remove Link has a new location it is now under Payee icon

4. Browser Updates

The following Windows 7 and 8 browsers will no longer be supported:

  • Internet Explorer IE8 and prior
  • CompuServe
  • Netscape
  • Chrome version 39 & prior
  • Firefox 34 and prior

The following Macintosh platforms will no longer be supported:

  • Safari 6x and prior 

If you use one of the following browsers you may experience a warning message requesting that you upgrade your browser. You can choose to ignore the request or update your browser.

Windows 7 and 8 browsers:

  • Chrome version 40 through 46
  • Internet Explorer(IE) 9 &10
  • Firefox 35 through 41

Macintosh platforms:

  • Safari 6x and prior

Tablet supported browsers:

  • iOS on version 9
  • Android
    • Android version 5.0
    • Chrome version 51

Additional Information:

  • If your browser is out of date  you will be required to update the browsers before you can continue to the site.

Screen shot of "Blocked Browsers"