Annual Statements (Year 2020)

I. Annual Statements: Who, Why and What

II. Structure

III. Business Annual Statements

IV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I. Annual Statements: Who, Why and What

  • Annual statements are provided to all RCU credit cardholders (consumer & business) with at least 10 transactions during the year.
  • We provide annual statements to summarize a cardholder's purchase activity throughout the year.
  • Please note that annual statements will only show "purchases." Transaction types listed below will not appear on annual statements:
    • Payments
    • Finance Charges
    • Late Fees

II. Structure

  • Transactions are divided into 23 froups or categories
    • Visa has over 1,000 Merchant Category Codes (MCCs), which RCU narrowed down to 23 groups/categories. These are listed below:




Automobiles & Rental

Business Services

Clothing Stores

Contracted Services


Gas Stations

Government Services

Hotels & Motels


Personal Services

Health Services

Professional Services

Repair Services



Services Providers


Travel & Entertainment


Wholesale Trade

  • For example, some of the MCCs included under Health Services are:
    • Nursing and personal care facilities
    • Chiropractors
    • Hospitals
    • Ambulance services

III. Business Annual Statements

  • Business cardholders will get 1 annual statement for each card.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I didn’t receive my annual statement, what can I do?
Annual statements were mailed on January 18, 2021 to RCU cardholders with at least 10 transactions during the year. Please allow 3-5 business days for receipt.
If not received, you may request a copy of your annual statement by calling us at 1-800-479-7928; when prompted, choose option 3 and then option 6.
You may also request a copy of your annual statement online through RCU Online Banking's Secure Member's Mail.
2. Why is the joint cardholder not listed on the annual statement?
Annual statements are created for each unique card number. When the card number is shared, all transactions appear on one annual statement.
Space limitations only allowed us to list one cardholder name - in this case, it would be the Primary - on the annual statement. In the future, we are working on ensuring both names appear on annual statements.
3. How do I get more details about a transaction?
You may go to your RCU Online Banking and review your transaction history to get more details.
You may also revisit your previous monthly statements.
4. I do not recognize a transaction on the annual statement, how do I dispute this?
Give us a call at 1-800-479-7928 or visit a branch to file a dispute.
For restrictions and details on filing disputes, please refer to RCU's Zero Liability Guarantee.
5. How were the transactions grouped?
Visa has over 1,000 Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) that Redwood grouped to 23 groups/categories (view these categories).
For example, the following MCCs are all grouped into the category Health Services:
Nursing and Personal Care Facilities
Ambulance Services
View a full list of Visa's MCCs.
6. What MCCs / transactions belong to Other and Wholesale Trade?
Wholesale Trade" includes:
Suppliers (repair, home furnishings & merchandise)
Retail (luxury, leisure & pharmacy)
Service Providers (construction, business & computer services)
"Other" includes:
Door-to-door Sales
Catalog Merchants
Telemarketing Merchants & Direct Marketing