We are very sorry for your loss and happy to assist you in resolving their account.

The steps you’ll need to take will vary greatly depending on the type of account and how your family member set up his or her estate.

We encourage you to come to any Redwood Credit Union branch to work with an RCU employee to resolve the account. In the event you cannot visit a branch, we will require a certified copy of the death certificate and your complete contact information be sent via mail to our Account Services Department. at 3033 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA. 94503.  Upon receipt, we will contact you about next steps.

General information you should be aware of:

  1. RCU will need an original copy of the death certificate. After we make a copy, we will return the original to you.
  2. If you are already a signer on the account, we generally only need an updated membership application from you to update the account.
  3. If there are no other owners of the account and you are the account beneficiary, we generally can issue a check to you for the account proceeds.
  4. In any other situations, RCU generally needs to work with the deceased person’s legal representative, which could include an executor, administrator, affiant, or trustee. The representative will need to provide RCU with documentation of their role and RCU can then proceed to resolve the account.
  5. Before the proceeds in accounts are issued to a beneficiary or an estate, RCU generally needs to resolve any outstanding loans to the deceased person.