1. After logging into your RCU Online banking, click on the mortgage you want set up for e-Statements:

Account Summary Mortgage

2. This will bring you to the Transaction History screen for that mortgage. From this screen, click on more details next to First Mortgage Access:

Image of Transaction History and More Details

3. This will bring you to the Mortgage Details page. From here, hover over e-Statement then click on Go Paperless:

Image of Mortgage Details page

4. This will bring you to a Disclosure screen. Read the disclosure materials and if you agree with them and have reviewed the sample e-Statement, click the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the page. From there, click the Initiate Request to Stop Paper Statement button:

Image of Mortgage Detail Paperless Disclosure

5. This is the next screen. It confirms your request for e-Statements has been submitted, and gives you an option to cancel that request if you changed your mind:

Image of Mortgage Details Paperless Confirmation Page

6. You will receive an email message (sample below) from WebMaster@dmimtg.com notifying you your request to go paperless is complete.

Email Confirmation Mortgage Account Go Paperless
7. Once you have successfully signed up to go paperless, you can view your e-Statements under the Mortgage Details page by clicking on e-Statement in the left menu. Note: As you hover over and select the e-Statement link in the navigation, disregard the flyout menu to the right.  If you are on a tablet or mobile device you may need to click the link twice.

e-Statments link