There are two options.

  • Option 1: Download our mobile application on your tablet or mobile device. This will allow you to view all of your payee/billers.
  • Option 2:  If you have a large number of payee/biller's you will need organize them into categories. This will allow you to expand or minimize the payee/billers so you can see them.

Please see below for the directions on organizing your payee/billers.

1. In the Payment Center click on the link "Organize My List".

Organize My List

2. Add the name in the "Group Name" box. Click "Add Group".

Add a Group and Manage Groups

3. Under the group names you will see all of your billers. Click on the biller you want to categorize in a group. In the drop down select the group category name you want to assign.

Change Group - Add Billers

4. Once you have organized your billers click on the "Payment Center". Your billers will be listed in group categories.

Group Categories

5. By clicking on the arrow you can expand or minimize your biller category groups.