The light coverage area for Solatube 160 DS (10 in/250 mm Daylighting Systemis approximately 200 square feet (19 sq meter), for a Solatube 290 DS (14 in/350 mm Daylighting System) it is approximately 300 square feet (28 sq meter).   The Solatube SolaMaster Series 750 DS and 330 DS (21 in/530 mm Daylighting System) illuminates areas up to approximately 500 square feet (46 sq meter).  For Commercial Building applications, please consult a Solatube Daylight Consultant  as acceptable illuminated areas will greatly vary due to ceiling heights and space uses.

  • These estimated lighting areas are based upon an average 6' (1.82m) tube length and 8' (2.4m) ceiling height, with the dome being in direct sunlight.
  • Light output will vary depending on the intensity of the sunFor example, there will be more natural daylight at mid-day than in the early morning or eveningLight output may also decrease as the length of tube increases beyond the recommended distances.