The test tool/wrench light indicates the SonicWALL is running a self test and loading firmware. If the test light stays on longer than two minutes after reboot or comes on during normal functioning, it can be a symptom of firmware corruption, a power supply failure or a hardware problem. Try using the default LAN address ( if you are unable to access the SonicWALL with the address you configured. For models running SonicOS Enhanced or Standard firmware, try a reboot in safe mode or upload a new firmware version. For earlier models running Firmware 6.x, the browser should be prompting you to upload the firmware again and reboot. Import the saved preferences file, reboot and reset the admin password. If this is a common occurrence or you cannot recover the SonicWALL, ensure the correct power supply is connected and shows no evidence of heat damage. SonicWALL models with external power supplies have a 5 V, 2.4 A rating.

Note: The test light on TZ 180 and TZ 180W (wireless) appliances running SonicOS Standard or higher blinks every 2 seconds under normal operation and every 1 second while in safe mode.