To exchange an item with your service provider:

  • Locate the item you want to exchange
  • Click on the ellipsis menu to the right of the file
  • Click Exchange
  • A window will appear to create the exchange
  • Enter a brief description of the file in the description text box - This step is optional
    • Depending on your organization's settings the Create action will complete the exchange
    • Depending on your organization's settings there may also be tabs where you will select the organization and/or groups, then click Done to complete the exchange

To view the items that you have exchanged to the service provider:

  • On the actions toolbar at the top of the screen click Exchanges
  • The Exchange area will have two tabs: Incoming and Outgoing
  • The items that you have granted your service provider access to will be listed under Outgoing

File restriction settings may prevent files from being exchanged with the service provider