Please note: You must have an e-mail address in order to opt into E-Consent . This is required to apply for Q-Cash. 
Q. How do I apply for a Q-Cash Loan?
A. You must be the primary accountholder, 18 years or older, and have a WSECU account.  The preferred method for applying is through Online Banking; however, you can apply at a branch or by calling the Contact Center.
You must also meet the following eligibility requirements: 
  • You must have deposit activity in your checking or savings account.
  • You must be the primary accountholder.
Q. Is direct deposit required?
A. No. But please keep in mind that the loan amount is based on 50% of the deposits made to your account in the past 31 days up to a maximum amount of $700. Regular deposit activity is required.
Q. What information is used to determine if I qualify?
A. The loan amount is based on 50% of the deposits you have made to your WSECU account in the past 31 days. We will also ask you to verify your military status.
Q. How many Q-Cash loans can I have?
A. WSECU offers loans from $50 to $700. You can have two loans at one time if: 
  • The total of both loans do not exceed $700
  • The total of both loans do not exceed your personal loan limit
 For example, if you qualify for a $300 loan you can have two loans at one time as long as they do not exceed a combined $300.
Q. What are the fees associated with my loan?
A. The loan fee is $12 per $100 borrowed. For example, a $200 loan would have a $24 fee. The total repayment of your loan would be $224.
Q. How long do I have to repay my loan?
A. Q-Cash loans must be paid on the loan due date, which is 60 days from the origination date. You can voluntarily choose make early payments at any time during the 60 day term; however, loans will all be set up for repayment on the 60th day.

Q. What are my options for repayment?

A. We prefer to automatically withdraw the money from your checking or savings account on the loan due date (60 days). If you do not want to have your payment automatically deducted from your account you will need to contact the Q-Cash Department by e-mail or call 800.893.7893.
Q. How do I find out what I currently owe on my Q-Cash loan(s)?
A. You can view your Q-Cash loan through Online Banking. Sign into your account the same way you would to view your checking or savings account.  You will be able to view your loan details, loan due date, and schedule or make payments to your loan.  
Q. Does WSECU provide financial counseling?
A. Yes, members of WSECU have access to free, confidential financial counseling and education through the credit counseling organization BALANCE. They provide certified counselors who are experts in money management, debt management and more. To contact a BALANCE counselor, call 888.456.2227 or contact them by e-mail.

For more information about Q-Cash and WSECU, call 800.562.0999. You can also e-mail the Q-Cash department directly.