Our annual Community Shred and Share is one of our most popular events and we know you look forward to it every year. We’re happy to make this opportunity for you to shred old documents safely at no charge and we’re very appreciative of the donations you bring in support of our community partners.  Here’s an overview of visitors and donations for each location:
  • Three car loads of hygiene products donated
  • 621 cars
  • 396 lbs. of food donated
  • $160 in cash donations
  • 135 cars
  • Three large boxes of food
  • $120.00 in cash donations
  • 160 cars
  • 6 boxes of hygiene and household cleaning items donated
  • 10 lbs. of food donated
  • 60 cars
Medical Lake
  • 204 lbs. of food
  • $78.00 in cash donations
  • 94 cars
Pullman Bishop
  • 100 lbs. of food
  • $145 in cash donations
  • 100 cars
Spokane Valley
  • One large bin of food
We’re looking forward to next year – remember, it’s the last Saturday in July!