We want to give you a heads up about a change in how you’ll be receiving information on your mortgage, home equity and personal line of credit. Up until now, this information has been provided on your monthly account statements. Federal regulations now require us to send separate statements for each loan type.
The biggest benefit of the new statements is they will have much more detailed information. Here is an overview of how the transition will happen:
If you have a mortgage with us, you have already been receiving a separate statement. 
Home Equity and Personal Line of Credit
If you have a home equity or personal line of credit with us, you will begin receiving separate statements in the near future - check back for more specific dates.
If you have e-statements, you will also receive the new statements electronically.
We’ll keep you updated as we move through the process and we thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Mortgage Statement Preview

Home Equity Statement Preview

Personal Line of Credit Statement Preview